Portrait photography is a pleasure and a fine art

The first impression of a person counts for a lot. It might decide a viewer, whether or not to trust you, whether or not to learn more about you, your business or your art.

While it is tempting to create a well polished image of yourself, I would not recommend you to do so.

There is a reason, why you do, what you are doing and I am guessing, that you are good at your job. Therefore I see it as my responsibility as the photographer to show you in your element, rather than in a staged studio production and to create the moment, that reveals your strength and professionalism, so that the viewers can glimpse, that you are worth their trust – just by looking at your portrait.

I love working with people in the health sector, with artists, with people in tourism, with scientists, with people working in craft or production and with people in social projects and education. My customers include Maria Heimsuchung Caritas-Klinik Pankow, Dezentrale Kulturarbeit Tempelhof-Schöneberg, Albrechtshof Hotels, Rosegger Apotheke, Hölderlin Apotheke, Vinzenz Palotti Hospital, Ferienhäuser Boddenperlen, Sunset Bungalows.


Some examples of my work in portrait photography

Vinzenz Palotti Hospital
Vinzenz Palotti Hospital
Vinzenz Palotti Hospital
Vinzenz Palotti Hospital
Vinzenz Palotti Hospital
Vinzenz Palotti Hospital
Vinzenz Palotti Hospital
portrait, Karin Stary
Maria Heimsuchung Caritas-Klinik Pankow
Maria Heimsuchung Caritas-Klinik Pankow
Maria Heimsuchung Caritas-Klinik Pankow
Maria Heimsuchung Caritas-Klinik Pankow
Maria Heimsuchung Caritas-Klinik Pankow
portrait – Dr.Hajo Eickhoff
portrait, Berlin


This is how I work

1) Contact

When you contact me, I will ask you a number of questions:

a) In which context do you wish to use the portrait?
b) What sort of work, art, business, organisation,
    service or product do you wish to represent?
c) What is your role?
d) How would you like to present yourself?
e) What do you think, your viewers expect to see in you?


2) Location

We will decide on a location or locations. I favour natural light and thus outdoor locations.
Allow me, to give you two examples:

a) A representative for a hotel in Berlin could be photographed in the hotel, but we could add content to the picture, if it was taken at one of Berlin’s sights.

b) A doctor might be portrayed in an operation theatre or in a garden. The reason for taking the doctor outdoors rather than taking his pictures indoors is simple. People usually don’t like being ill and they like it even less, if they have to go to a doctor or a hospital. In order to add a calming element to the portrait, taking it outdoors, is a good choice.

There are of course a number of aspects, which will eventually determine, which location is the one to be favoured. And sometimes pictures need to be done in winter, in which case an indoor shooting is by all means preferable. There are also a number of professions, especially when you are an artists, where a shooting in the studio or your workshop is more telling, than an outdoor location.


3) Clothes, make-up and a deep breath

We will talk about preferable clothes and the effects of make-up. With most professions I recommend a moderate use of make-up. If you are not wearing a suit, you should choose lighter colours for your clothes rather than black or grey. As for the deep breath – do take it. I know, that most people need time to warm to the camera, but I can promise, that we will have fun and eventually get a portraits, that answers to your wishes and aims.


4) Date & Time

We will set a date & time. If we are shooting outside, we will need to be flexible, depending on the weather. However, even with indoor shootings, you want some nice daylight coming in through the windows. The best daylight is in the morning and in the late afternoon, therefore I recommend settling on a time frame for those hours.


5) The Photo Shooting

The time for a single shooting can vary between half an hour and two hours, as everyone needs his or her individual time to get used to the camera.
Portrait shootings of groups take less time, since the location is fixed and the subject matter varies only little. With twenty minutes initial preparation, you can calculate an hour for approximately 6 people. With larger groups, I recommend to still calculate with 6 or 7 people per hour, since it is important not to rush the process.
In between and afterwards we will check together, whether the results are to your satisfaction.


6) The Portraits

After the photo shooting I will process the photos and in some cases add some light retouches. Once this task is completed, you will receive the portraits in two formats – one for your use on the internet and one for printing purposes.


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