Photography for Artists

I am an explorer. That is why I like to discover, how people work and why they choose their line of work. More so, I like to see and understand, what their art is about and how it came about. I am not the only one, who is interested in all this, but I am the one with the camera, pen and a respectful curiosity.


Why book a photographer?

The obvious answer is, because you want to make yourself, your art or event known to a wider public. However, promotion material is only part of how you can present yourself. Allow your audience a look behind the scene. Tell the story of the project. Introduce your story, your motivation, your views, your working processes to the public and they will have a much easier access to your work.


Which photos are important for artists?

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Introduce your art work
  3. Introduce your creative process
  4. Document your projects
  5. Document your events
  6. Document your history


Some examples of my work in photography for artists

Jovan Balov, Künstler
Veronika Blum, Künstlerin
Annemirl Bauer – Enthüllung Frauenort Niederwerbig
Annemirl Bauer – Enthüllung Frauenort Niederwerbig
Max Stock – Galerie Amalien Park
Max Stock – Galerie Gräfe Art
Xu Hongfeis Fat Ladies
BrassGirls, unter der Leitung von Bettina Erchinger.
55 limited Kupferdruck und Galerie
Alejandro Morales Gonzalez, Maler
Karl Menzen Werkstatt



This is how I work

  1. Let’s have tea or coffee and a chat.
  2. We talk about the sort of material, you would like to have and I will probably throw in an idea or two as well.
  3. Once we have agreed to work together, I visit your studio or your event and start observing through the lens.
  4. If you are interested in additional texts or blog posts, I will interview you and others involved in your work.
  5. In case of a more complex documentary, we would meet several times over a span of time.


This is what I cover

  • actors
  • authors
  • visual art artists
  • musicians / bands


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