• I offer to analyse the visual material you have used so far.
  • I can point out additions to your existing material or offer a new approach to your visual presentation.
  • Depending on the extent of your requirements, I can prepare a concept and / or a storyboard.
  • I have specialised in website presentation and blogs, but I can also advise you on printed publications. If you require expertise, which I might not provide, I can get you in touch with someone, who covers that area.
  • Visual material includes: photographs, graphics, icons and videos. Layout and the use of colour also play an important role in presenting your material.



  • I offer photo shootings for businesses, organisations and artists.
  • Photo shootings can include: portrait photography, team pictures, work details, product introductions, work process documentations, introductions of departments, photos for a specific aim (e.g. attracting applicants, introducing the companies values,…), event photography, narrative photography and interview pics.


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  • In preparation of the photo shooting, I will visit the location or locations, we are likely to use. Usually I take some test pictures on these occasions.
  • If any props, extra lights, additional lenses or additional staff are needed, I will have them ready for the photo shooting.
  • The photo shooting takes place.
  • In the following days the pictures will be processed. You will be provided with two copies. One copy is optimised for the use on the internet and one copy is for your printed publications.


Photo shooting & website

  • I offer to insert new photos into your website.
  • In addition to photo-shootings, I also offer web design.


Photo shooting & blog

  • Articles for web blogs in combination with photo-shootings, can also be booked.



For company’s, who would like to produce some of their future photo material themselves, I offer:

  • photo workshops for additional portraits and team photos
  • photo workshops to cover company events
  • photoshop workshops for colour management and retouch

All these workshops are introductions. They will provide the participants with some skills. In the long run, however, at least the better part of your photo material should still be produced by a professional photographer.



My customers include Maria Heimsuchung Caritas-Klinik Pankow, Dezentrale Kulturarbeit Tempelhof-Schöneberg, Albrechtshof Hotels, Rosegger Apotheke, Hölderlin Apotheke, Vinzenz Palotti Hospital, Ferienhäuser Boddenperlen, Sunset Bungalows.


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For more information, please, contact me. If you would like a quote on a photo-shooting or any of the other offers, please, send me information about your requirements. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

CONTACT ME via email:
or CALL ME at +49 (0)30 705 097 58



When I got into business photography, I soon realised, that customers sometimes did not have the sort of websites to display their new material to best advantage. This is, when and why I started to offer web design in combination with photo-shootings. You can learn more about my website projects on lemon pix media.

I look forward to meeting you.

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Ellen Paschiller | lemon pix photography