Covering your events & performances in a blog

Covering your events & performances in a blog

Covering your events & performances in a blog is easy. All you need is a photographer, who has a knack for writing or two people who share the tasks.

The next step is to determine, what sort of story, you would like to tell. Should the story start with the “history” of the event or with the set up of the event or is the event all you wish to document?

While taking pictures, the photographer would also listen to the people attending the event and of course observe the event as such. Afterwards it is recommendable, that the photographer interviews the performers or the organisers, so that a few personal quotes can be added to the article.

The article should balance between a well told story and telling pictures. With events that offer a lot of photo-opportunities, a slide-show is the best way of presentation.

Covering your events in a blog – why?

It isn’t all about search engines, but they do play a big part. As an artist or organisation you wish to be rated well by the search engines. One of the criteria for a favourable rating is, that new content is added on a regular basis. Posting articles on your events is one good way to do just that.
Another SEO point is, that every added article increases your presence on the world wide web. The likelihood, that a broader public will become aware of you, is increasing with every post.

Luckily, it’s not all about appeasing search engines. By writing about your event and by documenting it in telling pictures, you share your event with a lot more people in a story telling fashion. You can also post your blog entries on social media like facebook or twitter.

For companies there is the additional benefit of giving their customers an insight into the “social life” and maybe the charitable efforts of the company.  

There is an advantage in asking a freelancer to document your event. An outsider will always provide a less biased story and might offer an additional point of view.

A few examples for covering your events in a blog – for more see event photography and the Kulturblog.


Photo-party, soft light box
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Idil Baydar – Deutschland, wir müssen reden
Les Reines Prochaines – Fremde Torten im falschen Paradies


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