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Photography is a wonderful tool to tell stories, to catch a magic moment, to make a point, to make visible or to present a person in a welcoming light.
I love coming up with relevant scenes for photo-shootings, as much as meeting and working with the people, who will make the core of the pictures.

I well remember my first camera. It was given to me by my granddad, when I was eight or nine. He also gave me a good introduction into photography and I still recall a visit to Prague around that time, where I would try to put all that knowledge into praxis, which wasn’t half as easy, as I had anticipated.

While I loved photography and painting, I was reluctant to follow any carrier in an artistic direction, since I grew up among artists, even thought they taught me a lot about art, composition, colours and light. Well, you tend to revolt against the known… So I studied business administration in Berlin and Bristol (UK) instead.

While I liked my studies, I soon felt, that I needed more creativity in my work after all. At first I worked for the theatre company Familie Flöz, which I took to the Edinburgh Fringe in 2001 & 2004. Later I went into TV, where I worked as script continuity for three series, until I got the opportunity to work as 2nd assistant director in a movie. In between I shot and edited my first documentary “Das Tor zum Soldiner Kiez”. Don’t get me wrong – I love moving pictures. But I also love to be creative and to accomplish given tasks in a small team on a feasible budget. So, I finally came back to the single picture – the photography. You can work with great teams for a photo-shooting, but you can also archive a lot in a small team or on your own. The later allows me, to put my creativity to best use.

I learned a lot in my journey from business – to theatre – to moving pictures and back to photography: telling a story, exploring the possibilities, finding the unexpected, formulating a message, making visible.

You could call me a restless spirit. And it is a fact, that I would never be entirely happy to pursue just one vocation. I was lucky to observe, that business photography and web design could go hand in hand well. This is why I started offering web design in connection with photo-shootings. Another trade, I love, is writing. And again, I found an opportunity to include this in my daily work. On a regular basis I go to events for my district’s cultural department to document events on the blog, which I created for them. The pieces have come together and I am happy to offer you my expertise and dedication. I work as a freelance photographer, writer and web designer. For larger project, I put together a team. And yes – I do have the occasional non-profit project, I pursue in addition to the above.

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